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Direct Mail Systems, Inc. (DMS) is a recognized national leader in non-profit direct mail fundraising.  For more than three decades we have been proving that passion for a better world, in-the-trench experience and an unwavering commitment to fundraising ethics are the keys to attracting donors and raising dollars for our clients from every corner of the country and world.


Unlike other firms that operate from an office suite and “farm out” their clients’ work, all of our services — copywriting and package design, list acquisition, printing, data and mail processing — are provided under one roof in our own facility.  This “hands-on” approach saves our clients two precious commodities: time and money. And it ensures that your job gets done right!


Our capacity for moving large amounts of mail in a short time is legendary.  In 2012 alone, DMS created, produced and mailed more than 70 million packages across America — all delivered on time and on budget.


For any organization which advocates for children, animals, the environment, the sick, elderly or less fortunate and has compelling real-life, direct-action stories to tell — the income potential from direct mail fundraising is tremendous.

Let Direct Mail Systems help you make the world a better place!

  • Brian Davies

    Founder - International Fund for Animal Welfare

    It's been almost 20 years since I first heard of Direct Mail Systems and their work in the political arena.  I was skeptical but intrigued, as political organizations are highly successful at raising money.  I hired DMS.  At the time we were raising just under $10 million annually.  Ten years later we were raising almost $30 million annually.  I was no longer skeptical!

  • Captain Paul Watson

    Founder - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

    Founding Director - Greenpeace Foundation

    Over the three decades that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been defending marine wildlife on the high seas, we have been very careful as to who we work with to encourage support for our efforts.  We care about on what and where we spend our supporters' funds and we never lose sight of the fact that our objectives are why we raise contributions in the first place.  In all those years, we have only been involved in direct mail fundraising with DMS.  Why?  Because we trust them and they are sensitive to our unique approach and to our concerns.  They are a pleasure to work with and have delivered positive results to us without us having to compromise our principles... and that works for us.


  • Jill Robinson, MBE

    Founder - Animals Asia Foundation

    Direct Mail Systems began advising Animals Asia in June 2004 and their contribution has been invaluable.  DMS direct mail acquisition initiatives have contributed significantly to building our supporter base in the United States.  They have helped devise a direct mail marketing strategy for each of our international markets.  They have helped us create innovative new fundraising programs which we will be introducing in the near future.  The proof of success is in the results - and we couldn't be more pleased.


  • Chris DeRose

    Founder - Last Chance for Animals

    Direct Mail Systems bills themselves as a direct mail fundraising company that is "different" and they are - but what really distinguishes them for LCA is their passion and knowledge of our business.  DMS has raised us a ton of money to help animals and we'll forever be grateful for that!

  • Barbara Clarke

    Founder - DreamCatcher Wild Horse Sanctuary

    With Direct Mail Systems we get the best of all worlds: well- written, cost-effective materials done with a commitment to ethics, a sincere love of animals and a personal interest in the growth and stability of our sanctuary.  And our demands are high:  no emotionally wrenching stories, no photos of beaten, starved animals to manipulate donors, no text written like a third grader, no expensive 5-year plans, no hidden printing and design charges or large commissions.   We just want  to communicate the truth, straight-up, well-written and simply designed with a positive message of hope that wouldn't drain our pocketbook.  That's a lot to ask in today's competitive direct mail market.  But DMS has delivered.

  • Merritt Clifton

    Editor - Animals 24-7

    In May 2003, I published a 10-point Code of Ethics for animal charities & fundraisers.  In June 2003, Paul Seigel called from Direct Mail Systems and said, "I want to advertise that I can and will follow your codes of ethics."  More than 13 years later, Beth & I have not received even one complaint about any of Seigel's mailings.  His results have clearly demonstrated that passion plus experience plus ethics is a winning fundraising formula.

  • Wendy Wallace

    The Poynter Institute

    DMS guided me through my first direct mail fundraising efforts, patiently and expertly teaching me along the way.  They promptly answered every phone call and email, always with sound advice and an encouraging word.  Everything from list selection to merge/purge and final production seemed to go smoothly.  I have been very happy with DMS as a direct-mail fundraising partner.

  • Mandy Griffith

    YMCA of the Suncoast

    DMS has provided the YMCA of the Suncoast with great service on printed and mailed publications to the thousands of members and participants in our service area.  As a charitable, non-profit organization, the YMCA values its partners in the community, and DMS has been a support and a help to delivering the YMCA's member services for healthier lifestyles for all.

  • Elliot M. Katz, DVM

    Founder - In Defense of Animals

    From the first moment DMS started working with IDA I have had nothing but pleasant surprises.  Their talent, integrity, availability and compassionate nature are absolutely amazing.  They have brought an unexpected wealth of knowledge, expertise and cooperative spirit to IDA for which I am deeply grateful.

  • Alan Knight, OBE

    Chief Executive - International Animal Rescue

    Direct Mail Systems was introduced to me by mutual friends. Their representative arrived at our office in the UK after flying all night and proceeded to give my team a presentation from the heart (no PowerPoint in sight). They have provided us with good service ever since. We are trying to build a database in the wake of the financial tsunami and to say it is easy would be economical with the truth; however I feel I am in good hands.

  • Alex Hershaft, PhD

    Founder and President - FARM

    Direct Mail Systems practically jump-started our direct mail program at FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement) in 2010. They designed a couple of successful packages and shaped our direct mail program for nearly a year.  I highly recommend their services to organizations seeking to improve their direct mail programs, particularly those engaged in animal advocacy.



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